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Sports Activities

Montessori Academy of North Hoffman: Upholding IHSA Standards in Student Athletics

At Montessori Academy of North Hoffman, we are dedicated to nurturing our students. We focus on their physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being. Our comprehensive sports and extracurricular programs reflect this commitment. Moreover, we adhere to the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) By-laws. This ensures a fair, competitive, and enriching environment for everyone. The Montessori Academy North Hoffman student athletics program is a way for your child to develop in every way.


Scholastic Standing: Academic Excellence On and Off the Field

Academic achievement is a priority at our academy. Consequently, our student-athletes maintain passing grades. This aligns with IHSA By-law 3.020. It ensures their success in all areas, preparing them for future challenges.


Age Limitations: Fostering Growth at Every Stage

Compliance with IHSA By-law 3.060 is crucial. We ensure all student-athletes match well in competitions. This is for safety and fairness, fostering growth at every developmental stage.


Contest and Participation Limitations: Balancing Competition with Well-being

Our sports programs are thoughtfully designed. They balance competition with student well-being, adhering to IHSA By-law 5.000. We limit the number of contests and participation to prevent burnout and overtraining, ensuring our student-athletes have ample time for rest, study, and personal growth. This promotes a healthy, well-rounded experience for our student-athletes.

Montessori Academy of North Hoffman is a place where athletic talent thrives. Our values and educational philosophy frame this growth. We encourage our students to strive for excellence. This is not just in competition, but in character and community involvement as well. 


Join us at Montessori Academy of North Hoffman and the IHSA in celebrating healthy competition and academic excellence. We invite you to review the IHSA Handbook. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for students and parents in interscholastic athletics and activities.

Montessori Academy of North Hoffman student athletics equipment

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