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The toddler program (ages 15 months to 3 years), exclusive to our Huntington campus, helps children gain an appreciation for the joy of learning and for their expanding capabilities.

As the child begins to function more independently and explore a broader spectrum of activities, a strong sense of autonomy is encouraged. At this age, children are able to interact, work alongside adults, and form real relationships with friends. This leads to the development of a true sense of community.

Our toddler program encompasses a daily routine with flexibility for individual choices. Toddlers do not merely explore, but are able to work and thus gain the ability to stay focused on a task. Practical life activities such as pouring, dusting, and setting the table are used to help deepen this concentration. Equipment and materials are toddler-sized to promote independence.

Children in this age group are given a variety of choices to support their development and interests. They are introduced to a work cycle in which they choose a work material, finish the work, and return the material to its place. Age-appropriate Montessori materials provide academic stimuli and promote cognitive preparation for more advanced materials used in the primary program. There is a focus on practical life in addition to sensorial, language, mathematics, and art materials.

Toddlers in this program are shown a broad range of hands-on experiences, and our prepared environment entices toddlers to explore and discover. Group activities include stories, music, and movement. The daily routine includes snack time and outdoor or indoor gym time.

Children do not need to be toilet-trained prior to entering this program, but toilet-training is incorporated into the program with parents’ help at the appropriate time. Children are required to be toilet-trained prior to moving up to the primary program.

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