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Summer Camp

Join the Adventure: Register for Summer Camp

Registration is now open for Summer Camp! Students on 12-month, full-time contracts do not need to sign up separately. Prepare for an exciting journey of discovery and growth.

Montessori Academy of North Hoffman (MANH) ensures students experience exceptional learning opportunities year-round, including throughout the summer months. Our Summer Camp program encourages students to build self-confidence, explore passions, assume leadership roles, and embrace new challenges. Costs shown on registration forms are per session.

Please note: Due to limited space, preference is given to current students and those planning on attending in the fall. We ask that students outside our organization take a tour of the school prior to registration. Tours can be set up by calling 847-705-1234 or emailing Connie – collins@manh.org. Thank you for understanding.

Primary Summer Camp: Where Learning Meets Fun- Register Now

Enter Ms. Mishra and Ms. Ali’s Primary Summer Camp and embark on an unforgettable adventure. With four 2-week sessions, Primary Summer Camp offers a perfect blend of freedom, fun, and essential life lessons. From morning ABC yoga to cooking activities and outdoor exploration, each day presents new opportunities for growth. Students also have the freedom to explore Montessori materials, select books from the classroom library, or engage in games from our activities closet.

Elementary Summer Camp: Exciting Adventures Await – Register Now

Discover the thrill of Elementary Summer Camp with Ms. Vu, Ms. Shelbi, Mr. Michael & Ms. Meeta. Each session features art and gym specials, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences.

Session 1: Around the World in Elementary (Part I) (June 10-21)

Explore art and sports from different continents under Ms. Meeta’s guidance. From creating art inspired by Asian and European cultures to playing sports from around the world, students embark on a cultural journey. Exciting trips to the library and Japanese supermarkets add to the adventure.

Session 2: Elementary in Nature (June 24-July5)

Immerse yourself in nature with outdoor exploration and creativity. From creating terrariums to crafting art from natural materials, students connect with the beauty of the natural world. Trips to the Springbrook Nature Center and parks will foster a deeper appreciation for nature.

Session 3: Around the World in Elementary (Part II) (July 8-19)

Continue the cultural exploration with art, sports, and wildlife adventures from Africa and South America. Under Ms. Meeta’s guidance, students learn about diverse cultures while creating their own works of art. A trip to Fish Lake Beach is a part of this session.

Session 4: Elementary Carnival (July 29-Aug 9)

Celebrate the end of summer with a carnival-themed extravaganza. Dive into carnival art, games and a magic show! Enjoy an end-of-summer party, and embark on the thrilling fun of water sports, volley ball and fun at the park. It’s a fitting conclusion to a summer filled with laughter, learning, and lasting memories.

Join Us for a Summer of Fun and Discovery

At Montessori Academy of North Hoffman, summer is a time for adventure, growth, and friendship. Register now and dive into the excitement of Summer Camp!

Parents: Please download this Permission Form as well as these consent forms, please fill them out and bring it in with you to give to the Staff.

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