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UFLI Partnership

Montessori Academy of North Hoffman: Nurturing Lifelong Learners with UFLI Partnership


Our Approach: UFLI Programs for Literacy Excellence

At the Montessori Academy of North Hoffman (MANH), we believe that education is a journey of discovery, empowerment, and growth. Our commitment extends beyond traditional classrooms—we foster a vibrant community where children become confident readers and compassionate individuals. This is why we began a UFLI Partnership.


The heart of our educational philosophy lies in our partnership with the University of Florida Literacy Institute (UFLI). UFLI’s evidence-based programs enrich both teacher development and reader development. Using UFLI programs we have seen significant growth with our students since beginning to use UFLI Foundations. Here’s why UFLI matters at MANH:

Empowering Educators with Evidence-Based Strategies

Teacher Excellence: We use UFLI academic programs programs, designed for both pre-service and practicing educators, equip teachers with the skills needed to be effective reading instructors. Through rigorous coursework and practical training, we nurture confident educators who ignite a love for reading in their students.
Professional Learning Opportunities: Classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders benefit from our targeted professional learning sessions. By staying informed about the latest research and evidence-based strategies, educators enhance their teaching practices and elevate literacy outcomes.

Fostering Proficient Readers: UFLI’s Science of Reading

Science of Reading: UFLI’s work is deeply rooted in the science of reading. This body of knowledge, drawn from fields like education, linguistics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, forms the bedrock of effective reading instruction. Our approach is explicit, systematic, and responsive. Five Critical Components: We emphasize five key components for proficient readers:

    • Phonemic Awareness: Building a strong foundation in sound awareness.
    • Phonics: Systematic phonics instruction for accurate word decoding.
    • Fluency: Cultivating fluent readers who comprehend effortlessly.
    • Vocabulary: Expanding word knowledge for deeper comprehension.
    • Comprehension: Understanding and analyzing text effectively.

Why UFLI Matters: Value to Students and Teachers

  • Student Success:
    • UFLI’s evidence-based methods unlock student potential. Struggling readers receive targeted support, leading to improved literacy outcomes.
    • Our programs offer interdisciplinary professionals valuable insights into supporting diverse learners.
  • Teacher Confidence and Impact:
    • Educators gain confidence and competence through UFLI’s resources and training.
    • When teachers thrive, students thrive. UFLI empowers educators to create lasting impact in their classrooms.
  • Equity and Inclusion:
    • We promote equitable and inclusive literacy practices. No child is left behind.
    • UFLI ensures that every student, regardless of background, has access to effective reading instruction.


At Montessori Academy of North Hoffman literacy takes flight, and futures are shaped—one word at a time! 📚✨


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